Magazines in Dubai: A Look Back at the History of Magazines

With the Internet explosion, you would think that soon all printed forms of magazines and newspapers will disappear from the face of the planet. Some publishing companies have even decided to just concentrate on their online versions of magazines and news sites instead of continuing printed ones. Whether we seize seeing printed forms of reading materials in the future still is anyone’s guess, but before that happens or when it happens, let’s have a nostalgic look at the history of magazines.


Brief History

Looking at different bookstores or news stands, you’ll still see some popular magazines in Dubai that people subscribe to. But how did this printed material all began anyway?

Well, printing goes back from the 1440 when Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing press. From then, the many companies used the printing press to mass produce newsletters, almanacs, pamphlets and of course reproducing religious materials like Bibles.

Then in 1663, the periodical titled Erbauliche Monaths-Unterredungen or in English, ”Edifying Monthly Discussions” came out under the leadership of German theologian and poet Johann Rist. This was considered as one of the earliest forms of news magazines, which remained in publication for five years and inspired similar materials from other European countries like France, England, and Italy. Some of the common contents of the magazine were book summaries and scholarly articles.

During 1672 in France, a “periodical of amusement” came out under the creation of Jean Donneau de Vizé, a French writer and playwright. He called this printed material “Le Mercure Galant” and contained more of an entertainment style of articles such as gossip, songs, poems, etc. Some people dismissed the material as less important because it didn’t contain intellectual content, but still the magazine became very popular in France.

By the 1700s, society’s thirst for knowledge had already triggered the wide-spread popularity of magazines that featured a bunch of topics from cultural events, news, entertainment, essays, etc. In England, there were three periodicals that became very popular and were published several times a week, which resembled the way we produced modern newspapers and magazines. These periodicals were: Daniel Defoe’s The Review, which was published between 1704-13); Sir Richard Steele’s The Tatler, which came out from 1709-11; and Addison and Steele’s The Spectator, published 1711-12.

Finally in 1731, the term “magazine” was first coined by Englishman, Edward Cave when he published the periodical titled, The Gentleman’s Magazine. Cave derived the word “magazine” from the Arabic word makhazin, which meant storehouse. His concept was for his magazine to contain a lot of essays, poems, and stories and even political opinions and musings.

The magazines that we have known—those with lots of art works, graphics, and glossy photos—first came to existence back in 1842, when Herbet Ingram, a Britich news agent, released the first illustrated magazine, The Illustrated London News. He came up with the concept after realizing the photos, cartoons, and sketches attracted the attention of readers and helped increase the sales of magazines. From then on, we can say that the rest of the magazine world was history.


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Advice on How to Be a Good Business Writer

Being a business writer does not just mean that you actually write for good business magazines in Dubai. It also means you are able to write clear e-mails, newsletters, and other forms of formal communication in the work place or business world. If you are able to be concise, direct to the point, and persuasive in your business writing, then you can actually also improve your business prospects and your company’s relationships with suppliers and customers.

So how can you improve your business writing? You don’t have to take a full course on business or journalism to start. All you need is to follow these simple advice and guidelines when writing:


Be Concise and Clear

The problem with most people who write business e-mails or correspondence is that they are trying too hard to sound intelligent. They write long sentences when a simple, direct declarative sentence can do and will actually be better to communicate their message.

Your choice of words can also cloud your message so don’t use technical words or industry jargons when you ware trying to reach a more general audience. For example, don’t use “utilize” when you can simply write “use” and it will sound so much clearer and less intimidating to your general audience.

Finally, do not write long and winding sentences thinking that if you write more words, the more your work would look professional and high quality. The best business communications are usually the ones that are written in a succinct way, not wordy, and has a logical flow of stating different points and reasons.


Write Using Active Voice than Passive Voice

When writing your business communication, try to use active voice as much as possible instead of the passive voice. Active voice writing can help energize your prose and engage your readers better. It also helps your sentences become more straight forward and the subject, object, and predicate are also clear in your sentence.


Use a Deductive Pyramid When Writing

Even though most business communication should be concise and e-mails should be written in short, clear paragraphs, this doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice logic and organization. In order to still convey your message or point clearly in just very short sentences or a few paragraphs, it’s important that you are able to organize your points in a smooth and logical flow.

Therefore, you should use the deductive form of writing where you place the most important topic or point at the beginning of your paragraph. After stating the most important point, support with 2-3 sentences to explain your point. Once you have made your point, move on to the next paragraph and do not linger or repeat your point anymore. Your next paragraphs should then focus on other topics or points you want to raise in the same e-mail or letter.

When writing your e-mail or business letter, it is very important to ask yourself what you want the person reading your letter to do after reading your letter. If you do not see that on the body of the letter, you should go over it again and include those points that will persuade the reader to do what you want.

Lube Oil: Raw Materials and Manufacturing Process

Lubricants like water and oil have been in use since the Roman era. They are not only meant to decrease friction between surfaces but also at times act as cleaning and protecting substance for engines and mechanical parts. Nowadays, when we say lubricants, we usually refer to lube oil products that are used in the automotive, industrial, and manufacturing sectors. Let us take a look at the two basic classification for lube oils: synthetic and mineral.


Mineral Oil

Mineral oil are the products derived from the natural petroleum found on the earth’s land sources. These are actually the most common type of lube oil or grease you can find because the supply is relatively inexpensive to produce. Also, since mineral oils are the most common, there is already a lot of data about their use and effects so they are preferred by a lot of industries that need lubrication products.

Another advantage that you can get from using mineral oil is that these products can have a variety of viscosities. Viscosity, which refers to the oil’s resistance to flow, is a very important aspect of lube oil because it has a direct impact on the lubricating abilities of the oil when used at different temperatures, environment, and machines/engines. Mineral oils can also be blended with other oil to improve the viscosity of the final product. For example, a product that has the viscosity rating of 1OW-30 is a blend of a low viscosity oil and a highly viscous oil. Low viscosity oils work well in low temperatures while highly viscous oil are better at normal temperatures


Synthetic Oil

Synthetic oil or lubricant were first used for the aerospace industry and were primarily formulated for machines, engines, or other applications that were not really fit for mineral oil. They are manufactured polyalphaolefins or PAOs. PAOs are hydrocarbon based polyglycols or ester oils. One common use of synthetic oils are for operations that run on very high temperatures such as for high performance vehicles or state-of-the-art machines in factories.


Manufacturing Process

The way lube oil is processed may vary depending on the oil refinery company, but basically the oil is taken from naturally occurring crude oil. The crude oil goes through an initial filtering or purification process called sedimentation and then pumped into different towers for further manufacturing. The processing towers are usually made of high-grade steel and can withstand corrosion that’s why they are ideal for strong crude oil. Their interiors are fitted with layered condensate collecting trays that help in the fractional distillation process. This process is where the crude oil is heated to about 700 degrees Fahrenheit, which then breaks down the oil into a mixture of hot vapors. As the vapors cool, they go through condensation and collected on the layered trays fitted in the oil towers and then go through the final stages of filtering and quality control before packaging and shipment.



When buying your lubricants, be sure you are getting it from reliable suppliers whether it’s synthetic or mineral oils. The performance of your engine or machine rely on the quality of lubricant you use so be sure you do not scrimp on this and buy only the best rated products for your purpose.

How to do llc company formation in Dubai?

It is advisable that you meet a professional advisor who can guide you through the entire process if you are new to the entire company formation process in Dubai. We at Compartments Company Advisory are already helping people set up organization throughout emirates for pretty much 10 years so we might help also. You should e mail us in this site so we will speak to you.

With that said, if you are just looking for information on how to setup a company, there are several ways to start a company in Dubai depending on your needs and requirements. First of all, you will have to select what class of organization you would like to start and which cost-free area or even the city is the ideal for your personal business demands. As an illustration, inside all businesses license there is a type of trade permit, business license, asking license, industrial certification and so on. When the category and area of your online business is determined, you must distribute the kinds, personal information combined with the reputation for initial approval from your pertinent certification issuing power.

Once approved, the licensing fee has to be cleared in order to issue the certificate of incorporation. After that point, you should open a company checking account and provide the desired document of money as essential to your permit issuing authority. Once the financial institution record stating your capital is removed, you’re all set to problem visas from your firm license for you and the staff. Issuing visas typically requires publishing the required papers and going through healthcare exams. Once the the brand new visa is issued, you should obtain the emirates ID greeting card as well as for your staff, they need to get the labour cards given.

The actions over are quite summarized and that could differ within the creation of some organizations. Our team at Chambers has specialized in the all these processes and can assist you with the entire process so you don’t have to go through hassle of knowing the details inside out, however. We are going to not only help you from the procedure but just about make it fingers away from for you because most of the actions of the business formation fails to have to have the company owner’s existence (virtually 95% of the time). Only in few conditions like health-related exams, you will have to be physically existing. Otherwise, you can virtually hand over the whole method to us and just once we require important information, we will make contact with you for this which may be just a couple a few minutes of your respective time.

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The Best Lube Suppliers in Dubai

The UAE is known because of its ambitious and futuristic architectural designs that capture the imagination of everyone and a lot more and so the architectural enthusiasts. Uae has emerged as the best holiday destination with states like Abu Dhabi and Dubai seemingly becoming the holiday destination preferred by the rich and famous. Everybody wants to have connection with life inside the Arabian oasis. With this thought, the leaders of the UAE have always diversified the economies of their states to reflect a far more mature economy that is certainly sustainable and thriving. The buoyant retail, real estate and financial industries are testaments to this efforts.

However, the economy in the UAE was built about the back born of your oil industry, which still remains the most significant economic export from the states. The UAE can be a world leader inside the oil and natural gas and related industries and then for a very good reason it has huge amounts oil reserves. The oil reserve under UAE is estimated to get the seventh largest worldwide, running into huge amounts of barrel. On such basis as this fact, the industries associated with oil and gas as well as their product have developed substantially, creating among the most renowned and reputable companies dealing with oil product.

The lubricant industry is among the noticably oil product industry containing developed and purchased international reputation. There are lots of manufacturing companies that are manufacturing lubricant for that heavy industries, automotive industry, marine equipment, the aerospace industry and for the electrical production and distribution industry. This area of the oil industry has exploded and it is a significant competitive one. However, which are the best lubricants manufacturing companies in UAE, one might ask!

The Very Best Lubricant Producers

First is Bustan Worldwide Lubrication which is a lubrication making organization which specializes in the output of heavy-duty lubricants like high temperature and high-pressure lubricants and grease. Lubricants on this type are utilized in machines such drill, providing lubrication towards the drill collar and the drill pipes.

Lubrex is yet another company which includes built a standing of manufacturing reliable and-quality lubricants for automotive use. The business has many lubricant oils that can be used in car engines, some designed to be utilized in both gasoline and diesel engines while other manufactured fro use within gasoline or diesel engine. With the experience spanning over 10 years, the organization has acquired experience, leveraging it as a a formidable player from the lubricants manufacture.

Lotus Lubrication is one other innovator inside the lubricant manufacture specially in the output of industrial grade lubricants, automotive lubricants and marine lubricants. Their goods are ISO certified, which means that they meet all the required international standards and quality checks. Their market penetration of the global lubricant market includes countries in Africa, The U.S, countries in Europe and Asia. This will make them an international brand. The lubricants are made to perform in the highest level and produce efficiency at all times.

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