Why Choose a Montessori School?

With all the various research and tests done on attempting to discover how kids learn, we as a whole know at this point youthful children learn distinctively and it’s normal to have likewise a wide range of sorts of methodologies with regards to instruction. One of the more prevalent methodologies while teaching youngsters is the Montessori Method.


What is Montessori Education?

In the Montessori training, it is trusted that kids can learn better and quicker on the off chance that they are permitted to pick what to realize and they are presented to various exercises that won’t just enhance their own reasoning additionally make them connect with different understudies. That is the reason in a customary Montessori class, you will regularly see instructors blending and playing with the children as opposed to remaining before the classroom giving an address around a specific subject.

Presently with this diverse kind of school environment, most would agree that a few instructors like the idea or methodology of Montessori training while some don’t. There are additionally guardians who think their youngsters flourish in such an offbeat learning environment while some guardians would lean toward the run of the mill classroom style of instructing. We should discover the advantages of the Montessori technique beneath:


Kids Learn How to be Independent

One of the advantages of getting into a Montessori school is that youngsters figure out how to be free. As you can envision with the numerous Montessori schools in Dubai, the methodology will be comparable. Instructors won’t force suppositions nor manage how youngsters ought to think. The methodology is that they permit the understudies to associate and get some information about the subject or movement. Through shared appreciation and by listening to the assessments of the understudies, the educators can impart in them the estimation of free considering.

Multiage classrooms build up a kid’s identity and character

In the Montessori instruction said over, the classrooms are not entirely isolated by gathering. You can really select your youngster in one of the numerous Montessori schools in Dubai and not stress over whether he or she is in the right age for the class.

Amid the exercises, the youngsters are permitted to pick what they need to realize as indicated by their advantage and the exercises additionally helps understudies investigate what they need to do. So there is no weight on how they ought to realize, what they ought to know at this point, and what they are required to do. That is the reason age is not all that critical as the tyke’s enthusiasm to learn and cooperate with different children and instructors.

These are just a few of the advantages you can get if you choose to enroll your child at an Montessori School. Of course it’s best to consult with school officials, meet with other parents who have experience about this type of school, and talk to your family and friends for final consultation before enrolling your kid.


Here’s a video you can watch in order to find out more about Monterssori Schools:

Maintaining Your AC

Air conditioning and cooling systems have two separate parts: the condenser and the evap­orator. The condenser unit is generally situated outside the house on a solid section. The evaporator loop is mounted in the plenum or fundamental channel intersection over the heater. Ask your AC maintenance Dubai for specific information about your unite before doing any DIY repair or air conditioning maintenance work.

ac-Maintenance-clearwater-flMost focal aeration and cooling systems are associated with a home’s constrained air circulation framework. Subsequently, the same engine, blower, and ventilation work utilized for warming are utilized to disperse cool air from the aerating and cooling framework. At the point when a focal aeration and cooling system is working, hot air inside the house streams to the heater through the arrival air channel. The hot air is moved by the blower over the cooled evaporator curl in the plenum and is then conveyed through channels to cool the house. At the point when the aeration and cooling system works yet the house doesn’t cool, the issue is presumably in the circulation framework.


Cleaning the Evaporator

The evaporator for the focal air s­ystem is found straightforwardly over the heater in the plenum. The evaporator may not be open, but rather in the event that it is, you ought to clean it ­once a year. On the off chance that the plenum has foil-wrapped protection at its front, you can clean the evaporator; if the plenum is a fixed sheet metal box, don’t endeavor to open it. Here’s the means by which to clean an open evaporator:

Remove foil-wrapped protection at front of plenum; it’s most likely taped set up. Evacuate tape precisely, in light of the fact that you’ll need to supplant it later. Behind protection is access plate, which is held set up by a few screws. Evacuate screws and lift off plate to get access to the evaporator. Clean as directed in your owner’s manual.


Keeping up the Condenser

In most cooling frameworks, the condenser unit is situated outside the house and is inclined to collect earth and flotsam and jetsam from trees, yard cutting, and airborne d­ust. The condenser has a fan that moves air over the condenser loop. You should clean the loop on the admission side, thus, before you kill the ability to the aeration and cooling system, verify which course the air moves over the curls. Here’s the way to clean the condenser: Cut down any grass, weeds, or vines that have developed around condenser unit. Once you get access to the condenser, check for any obstructions.


Taking care of the Refrigerant

The coolant utilized as a part of most aerating and cooling frameworks is a refrigerant called Freon. In the event that the framework does not contain the correct measure of Freon, practically zero cooling will happen. On the off chance that you think a Freon issue, call an expert administration individual to revive the framework. Alert: Do not attempt to charge your framework’s refrigerant lines.


Here’s the means by which you can repair the framework’s coolant lines. Look at the lines running from the condenser outside the evaporator inside the house. In the event that the insulation is damaged or worn, it will eliminate the cooling effectiveness of the unit and, along these lines, ought to be supplanted.

What is Montessori Curriculum?

Montessori education came from Maria Montessori, who was a respected expert in child development during her time. Maria’s ideas focused on the emphasis that each child goes through his or her own unique development process and that effective learning should be in line with this development and the child’s capacity to learn.

KIDZ-VENTURE_IMGL0099_1500Another very important aspect of Maria Montessori’s approach to education is that she believed that real knowledge requires more than just memorization of texts or formulas. She believed that knowledge should be made and delivered in accordance to the specific needs of a child and should be easy to understand. With this belief in mind, she developed different methods and series of materials that can be integrated into traditional classroom education or classroom setting.

Now that we know the background and the way of thinking of the founder of the Montessori method, we can go on to dissect what exactly in the contents of a Montessori curriculum.

Montessori schools in Dubai may of course still have slight differences when it comes to their curriculum content and how they implement it. But we can discuss how this curriculum mainly differs from the traditional classroom one.

In a traditional classroom, students learn by doing the same thing, at the same time, and in the same way as instructed by their teachers. They are grouped based on their age because it assumes that kids the same age basically know the same things. In a Montessori curriculum, learning is not and cannot be dictated by age. Learning is determined by the capacity and speed of how the child will learn. This is the reason why you will usually see mixed-age groups in a Montessori classroom. For example, a 2-year-old kid may be in the same classroom as a 4-year-old kid because the grouping is based on the learning capacity and development of students.

Principles of Montessori Curriculum

Many people and educators have supported the Montessori method of leaning and says that is a an ideal learning environment for children both in primary and elementary levels. In order to get a better idea of the Montessori curriculum, here are some of the basic principles involved in this education approach:

  • Early childhood development is primarily given emphasis. In this period, kids are exposed to Montessori approach and practices that are continued well into the elementary years of school. It is during the early years of a child that their minds are the most adaptable to learning new information.
  • Children are respected as individuals who have opinions and ideas.
  • Children have an inborn or natural, motivation to learn and will do so if given the right materials and opportunities in the classroom.
  • The most formative and crucial years of a child is between 1-6 years old.
  • Teachers in the classroom are there to observe the learning process and help guide the children, but it’s the kids who are able to determine the direction they want to take when it comes to learning.
  • Rigid memorization of school materials only inhibits the learning of children.

Common Problems at Preschools

Starting your child’s first day at the preschool is both fun and stressful not only for your kid but also for you as the parent. There are many things to take care of not just on your side but also on the side of the preschool. No matter how prepared you think you are, there will still be problems your kid and you might encounter during the first day or even as he or she continues to go to that preschool. Continue reading below to get more idea of some of the most common problems at a preschool and how you can properly deal with them.


You might be a strict parent when it comes to following your schedule. You try your best to bring your kid on time to the school because you do not want to disrupt the class. However, there will be kids who always come in late to class because their parents are not able to bring them on time. There are many reasons for this tardiness such as parents are not aware of the exact time of the class, parents do not respect the time of the class, etc.

Whatever the reasons are, it’s important to focus on your own situation and make sure you are aware of the start time of your kid’s class. Calculate your travel time and give an allowance of at least 10 minutes and start counting backwards to figure out what time you should be out of your home and on your way to school. If you are late, this causes a lot of disruption in the class and you child will also be affected because he or she won’t have enough time to settle in and get comfortable with his or her surroundings.

Also, another way to deal with chronic tardiness if for the preschool itself to implement some rules about schedules. In one of the established preschools in Dubai, Creakids Nursery school, parents are encouraged to bring their kids and arrive at least 10 minutes before the official start time of the lesson. There are also options to bring your kid to the following class if he or she could not make it on time or is too late for the first class.


Naughty Students and Bullies

Bullying and the problem with naughty students will always be there, maybe just less at some schools and in some countries. It’s important to always talk to your child and let her or him tell you about his or her classmates at the preschool. By listening closely to how your child speaks, you can observe what goes on in the classroom, ask follow-up questions, and find out the real story if you have any suspicion that some kids are bullying your child. On the other hand, you might also face a problem where your kid is the bully and other classmates or parents are complaining about him or her. In this case, you must immediately talk to your kid, ask what or why he or she is doing it, and then cooperate with the preschool teachers in order to solve the problem.

How to Find the Best Nursery in Dubai

Being a parent means making tough decisions for your child. Whether it’s about food, toys, clothes, and any other aspect of his or her life, being a parent means you will be the one ultimately responsible for the direction your child will take. That’s why when choosing a nursery school, you should also spend time thinking and studying your options for different nursery schools. By doing your own research and comparison, you raise your chances of putting your child in the most suitable nursery for his or her personality.

nursery-schoolThere are many nurseries in Dubai but how can you find the best nursery in Dubai without using so much of your time and effort? Also, sometimes you won’t have enough time to put in when trying to look for a good nursery school because of work and other activities in your life so knowing these quick and easy tips in finding the best nursery school will really help you in making an informative choice.


Prioritize Your Location

One of the easiest and quickest way to decide on which nursery school you are going to enroll your child in is simply by scouting all the nearby nursery schools in your area. You can set the distance or the travel time you can tolerate and from there plot out the different nursery schools around.

Usually, if you live in a very urban location, you will have many options of nearby nursery schools. However, if you are living quite far from the city center, you might have fewer options so it would make sense to expand your criteria a little. For example, instead of short listing nursery schools that are 15 minutes away from your home, you can make it 20-25 minutes or consider schools that are a bit further so that you can have more options when making your decision.

Choosing a nursery school that is closer to your home makes lie so much easier since you do not need to hurry every morning preparing your child for school. If there is no school bus, you can also bring your child quite easily to the school without getting worried of getting stuck in traffic. Also, having a nursery school that is close to your home makes it more convenient especially if there are any emergencies that might happen.


Personal Recommendations

If you are not sure whether the school you are choosing is a good one or not, the best way to find out about it is to ask a friend who sends their child to the school or ask relatives and colleagues for any recommendations. Asking for recommendations is usually better than relying on information you read from brochures, websites, or commercials because personal recommendations are really based on actual experience of the person.

When making your decision about a nursery school, try to weigh all the advice and tips you get from different people. Write the pros and cons of the different schools they mentioned and from there you can eliminate the ones that don’t seem to have a lot of benefits in them.

Benefits of Getting Your Chiropractic Doctor in Dubai

If you are suffering from chronic pain or have some pain issues with your lower back, then you should consult with an experienced chiropractic doctor in Dubai. But where do you exactly find one? A chiropractic doctor in Dubai may usually have their own private clinic where they accept daily consultations and therapy sessions for patients or they may be connected to a physiotherapy clinic in the city. They may be conducting sessions or treatment in more than one clinic as well in order to accommodate other patients in other locations.

Chiro-websiteChiropractic treatment has become a popular physical therapy approach in the recent years since it does not use any prescription drugs or heavy pain killers to treat patients. It is also a non-surgical approach to relieving pain and solving posture issues. More and more people are actually inquiring and receiving chiropractic treatment not just because they sought after it but also due to the fact that it has been recommended by their physician. Contrary to what some people might think, chiropractic therapy does not go against traditional medicine but in fact complements it that is why some physicians will actually recommend it to their patients.


When it comes to choosing your chiropractic doctor in Dubai, you actually get a lot more benefits than just getting the best location near your home, apartment, or work place. When you get your chiropractic doctor in Dubai, you also get a well-trained chiropractor since professionals and other people who would like to offer their services need to have proper business and professional licenses in order to provide their services in the city or set up a shop or clinic. Therefore, getting your chiropractor in Dubai will ensure that you are getting a professional and real chiropractor compared to if you get one during your travel abroad.


Also, when you get your chiropractic doctor in Dubai, you are getting the latest, state-of-the-art equipment and facilities for your treatment. That’s because the physiotherapy clinics here in Dubai all have modern facilities, ample space for therapy sessions, and of course some of the best and well-trained physiotherapists in the city. Everything is also regulated and monitored so you can trust that people who oversee and conduct your chiropractic therapy sessions are all knowledgeable in what they do.


Another great advantage of getting your chiropractic doctor in Dubai is of course the rate of the service. You can be sure that the price you pay for your treatment is competitively priced compared to other physiotherapy clinics you might visit abroad. You can also visit your chosen clinic several times a day and have the same chiropractor treat or do your therapy sessions as it is convenient for your schedule.


There are also other benefits of getting your chiropractic doctor in Dubai such as getting a diet plan or nutrition plan that will help you recover faster or help improve your physical condition much quicker. Your chiropractor can also give exercises that will help improve your overall physical flexibility and health.

Most Popular Products from Your Vegetable Importer

There are many countries that import fresh produce like fruits and vegetables even if they also have an abundance of many different kinds of veggies and fruits. That’s because sometimes there are just some fruits or veggies that cannot be found in the local market of one country and so that product needs to be imported. Sometimes, even if the particular vegetable or fruit is readily available in the local market, a vegetable importer may still import a similar vegetable or fruit product because of the fact that it is a different species and may have a different flavor range from their local versions. Here are some examples of vegetables that may be imported because of their different taste or use in the culinary business.


Salad tomatoes – if you take a look at tomatoes, not all are created equal. There are very small tomatoes, round ones, or bigger ones that may be shaped in an oblong way or those medium-sized tomatoes that are good for sautéing. But if you are looking for the best tomatoes for putting in your salad or gourmet sandwiches, then you must look for big and ripe salad tomatoes. The problem is usually these big and plump salad tomatoes are grown in cooler climates, so countries in the tropics or Middle East may not be able to get these types of tomatoes unless they are imported from other countries.

Eggplants – there are also many types or species of eggplants depending on the location you are in. There are of course the popular Italian eggplants, which have those very round and heavy bottoms and there are those Asian eggplants that are way thinner or slimmer than their European counterpart. The difference in flavor is also very big. The big-bottomed eggplant has a slight bitterness to its bite while the slimmer version has a sweet taste and fewer seeds in them. Of course if you are running an Italian restaurant and want to be authentic as you can get when it comes to the flavors of Italian cuisine, then you must find a vegetable importer who imports Italian eggplants, which you can buy in bulk and use for your Italian resto dishes. The sweeter, slimmer eggplants are usually great for grilling and making other dishes like vegetable stews or making them into salads like ensalada style.

Searching for vegetable and fruit importers who can supply you with a variety of products from different countries? Check Esurf Trading in Dubai.

Broccoli – there are countries that can’t grow this vegetable just because of the nature of their land and incompatibility with the climate. However, most people in the world can enjoy the delicious taste of broccoli because now vegetable importers can easily bring them in to their local markets through importation. Broccoli is very popular in Asian dishes especially for chicken or pork and vegetable stir fry and they are also very good as side dishes. For example you can make buttered vegetables using broccoli, cauliflower, and a few slices of carrots.

Check out this video for a great recipe using broccoli:

How to Move On With Your Dubai Company Formation

Starting your company in Dubai doesn’t need to be a complicated and tedious process if you follow some simple steps when doing your application. As a place that’s really open to foreign investors and expatriates, the government of Dubai has streamlined their company formation process and improved their online services so that investors can even do most of their document submission and updates over the Internet.



So when moving along with your Dubai company formation, the first important thing you have to do is find the right company formation agency who can assist you with your application. For example, with an experienced agency, you can immediately have an updated list of all the required documents for setting up your company in Dubai. This is an important step in your company incorporation process because you will have a different set of required documents depending on the type of company you would like to open in Dubai.


Once you have contacted your company formation consultants, you need to then decide what type of company you would like to open in Dubai. You can either open a free trade zone company, which allows you to fully own your business but limits your operations to outside of Dubai only or you can choose to open your company in the mainland of Dubai. However, choosing the latter will require you to look for a local partner or a UAE national as your shareholder or sponsor for forming the company in the city. The advantage of having a company within the mainland of Dubai is that you are allowed to operate your business in the city and therefore really target the local customers.



After deciding which type of company you want in Dubai, you then have to organize your papers because what comes next is usually the application process for the business license you need. Don’t worry about this process, though, because your Dubai company formation experts should be able to inform you about all the necessary documents and fees you need for your business license. You will have to classify your business into three types of licenses and inform your consultants accordingly.


For licenses in Dubai, there are three types that would be mentioned by your consulting agency. First there’s the commercial license for companies that do trading. Next, there is the industrial license for businesses involved in manufacturing and processing raw products/ingredients, and of course the professional license for individuals who would like to practice their professional services in Dubai.


All these documents, applications, and fees should all be streamlined, and available to you 24/7 so that you can have access to the service/products as mugs as possible and immediately asks questions if you don’t understand something.


The next steps will need to come from the advice of your consulting firm. But just remember that you can always ask questions, observe the location, or watch videos in order to really know more about the subject matter.


Source: Chambers Dubai

Magazines in Dubai: A Look Back at the History of Magazines

With the Internet explosion, you would think that soon all printed forms of magazines and newspapers will disappear from the face of the planet. Some publishing companies have even decided to just concentrate on their online versions of magazines and news sites instead of continuing printed ones. Whether we seize seeing printed forms of reading materials in the future still is anyone’s guess, but before that happens or when it happens, let’s have a nostalgic look at the history of magazines.


Brief History

Looking at different bookstores or news stands, you’ll still see some popular magazines in Dubai that people subscribe to. But how did this printed material all began anyway?

Well, printing goes back from the 1440 when Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing press. From then, the many companies used the printing press to mass produce newsletters, almanacs, pamphlets and of course reproducing religious materials like Bibles.

Then in 1663, the periodical titled Erbauliche Monaths-Unterredungen or in English, ”Edifying Monthly Discussions” came out under the leadership of German theologian and poet Johann Rist. This was considered as one of the earliest forms of news magazines, which remained in publication for five years and inspired similar materials from other European countries like France, England, and Italy. Some of the common contents of the magazine were book summaries and scholarly articles.

During 1672 in France, a “periodical of amusement” came out under the creation of Jean Donneau de Vizé, a French writer and playwright. He called this printed material “Le Mercure Galant” and contained more of an entertainment style of articles such as gossip, songs, poems, etc. Some people dismissed the material as less important because it didn’t contain intellectual content, but still the magazine became very popular in France.

By the 1700s, society’s thirst for knowledge had already triggered the wide-spread popularity of magazines that featured a bunch of topics from cultural events, news, entertainment, essays, etc. In England, there were three periodicals that became very popular and were published several times a week, which resembled the way we produced modern newspapers and magazines. These periodicals were: Daniel Defoe’s The Review, which was published between 1704-13); Sir Richard Steele’s The Tatler, which came out from 1709-11; and Addison and Steele’s The Spectator, published 1711-12.

Finally in 1731, the term “magazine” was first coined by Englishman, Edward Cave when he published the periodical titled, The Gentleman’s Magazine. Cave derived the word “magazine” from the Arabic word makhazin, which meant storehouse. His concept was for his magazine to contain a lot of essays, poems, and stories and even political opinions and musings.

The magazines that we have known—those with lots of art works, graphics, and glossy photos—first came to existence back in 1842, when Herbet Ingram, a Britich news agent, released the first illustrated magazine, The Illustrated London News. He came up with the concept after realizing the photos, cartoons, and sketches attracted the attention of readers and helped increase the sales of magazines. From then on, we can say that the rest of the magazine world was history.


Read the latest business, local, and international news and features on the best online magazine source in Dubai, Tharawat Magazine.

Advice on How to Be a Good Business Writer

Being a business writer does not just mean that you actually write for good business magazines in Dubai. It also means you are able to write clear e-mails, newsletters, and other forms of formal communication in the work place or business world. If you are able to be concise, direct to the point, and persuasive in your business writing, then you can actually also improve your business prospects and your company’s relationships with suppliers and customers.

So how can you improve your business writing? You don’t have to take a full course on business or journalism to start. All you need is to follow these simple advice and guidelines when writing:


Be Concise and Clear

The problem with most people who write business e-mails or correspondence is that they are trying too hard to sound intelligent. They write long sentences when a simple, direct declarative sentence can do and will actually be better to communicate their message.

Your choice of words can also cloud your message so don’t use technical words or industry jargons when you ware trying to reach a more general audience. For example, don’t use “utilize” when you can simply write “use” and it will sound so much clearer and less intimidating to your general audience.

Finally, do not write long and winding sentences thinking that if you write more words, the more your work would look professional and high quality. The best business communications are usually the ones that are written in a succinct way, not wordy, and has a logical flow of stating different points and reasons.


Write Using Active Voice than Passive Voice

When writing your business communication, try to use active voice as much as possible instead of the passive voice. Active voice writing can help energize your prose and engage your readers better. It also helps your sentences become more straight forward and the subject, object, and predicate are also clear in your sentence.


Use a Deductive Pyramid When Writing

Even though most business communication should be concise and e-mails should be written in short, clear paragraphs, this doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice logic and organization. In order to still convey your message or point clearly in just very short sentences or a few paragraphs, it’s important that you are able to organize your points in a smooth and logical flow.

Therefore, you should use the deductive form of writing where you place the most important topic or point at the beginning of your paragraph. After stating the most important point, support with 2-3 sentences to explain your point. Once you have made your point, move on to the next paragraph and do not linger or repeat your point anymore. Your next paragraphs should then focus on other topics or points you want to raise in the same e-mail or letter.

When writing your e-mail or business letter, it is very important to ask yourself what you want the person reading your letter to do after reading your letter. If you do not see that on the body of the letter, you should go over it again and include those points that will persuade the reader to do what you want.

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